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Leocert is a swiss company. Its vision is to make combating climate change more accessible by offering cheap prices. Leocert is able to achieve these cheap prices by acting extremly cost-efficient.

From € 3.50

Climate Partner

At ClimatePartner, we commit ourselves every day to globally improving the living conditions of people, animals and our biosphere by taking ambitious climate action.

From € 10

South Pole

We are the climate protection partner of many leading companies and also support you in becoming climate neutral.

From € 9


For 30 years now, we have been actively committed to the climate by planting trees and protecting forests worldwide. We have already been able to put more than 14 million trees in the ground and relieve the atmosphere of harmful CO2.

From € 15

Cool Effect

By combining science, expertise and transparency, we are creating a community built around a simple vision: to give people the power and confidence to come together and reduce CO2, which causes climate change.

From € 4


myclimate sees itself as a partner for effective climate protection - globally and locally. Together with partners from the business sector and private individuals, myclimate aims to shape the future of the world through advisory and educational services as well as its own projects. As a non-profit organisation, myclimate pursues this goal in a market-oriented and client-focused manner.

From € 29


We have developed the technology needed to combat climate change, and you can use it for a good cause without lowering your standard of living. All projects in our portfolio are verified and adhere to local rules and regulations. So you know that your efforts in the fight against climate change are not in vain.

From € 6.75


Native believes that every penny of your sustainability budget can be invested to create meaningful, measurable change, achieve quantifiable emissions reductions, build sustainable supply chains and generate exclusive, unique positive experiences that inspire your customers and colleagues.

From € 12.76

carbon footprint

Carbon Footprint Ltd is the first choice for blue chip and medium sized companies through to corporations and public sector organisations.

From € 6.93

Klima Kollekte

The Klima-Kollekte is a CO2 compensation fund of Christian churches through which every person, every organisation and every congregation can compensate for unavoidable emissions from electricity and heat energy, travel and paper and print products.

From € 25